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John Miller(Denver)

John Miller’s tango music career began at his High School Prom, when he brought a tango CD and somehow convinced the DJ to play a song. John’s dance partner (and no one else) was delighted! Since then, he has expanded his audience to include people who actually enjoy tango music, and has DJed over a thousand practicas and milongas in the last 10 years.


Since 2009, John has been teaching, DJing, and performing full time. He teaches weekly classes in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, and works extensively with the local college clubs to bring tango to the younger generation. He has DJed at dozens of festivals, including the Toronto Tango Experience, the Eco-Tango Festival in Baja Mexico, the Boulder Tango Festival, the Salt Lake City Festival, the NaturalTango Festival, the Austin Spring Festival and the Midwest Tango Festival, among others.

John organizes Tango On the Rocks with his partner Jesica Cutler.

Alex Krebs (Portland)

Alex has been DJing and teaching worldwide for over 20 years.  Aside from dancing, teaching, performing and DJing, Alex runs his all-Argentine tango studio, Tango Berretin, in Portland, Oregon since 2001 and has also studied the bandoneon since 2001. Alex plays bandoneon and directs his own tango orchestra, The Alex Krebs Tango Sextet, as well as plays with Tango Pacifico and others.

Amanda DiGarli (D.C.)

As a social dancer for the past decade who follows, leads and travels frequently across the country and abroad, Amanda is constantly exposed to the diversity of tango which makes her DJing style unique. She aims to tailor her musical selections for the specific crowd at that specific time. She likes to gradually ramp up and ramp down the energy throughout the night with a focus on traditional mixed with a hint of modern flare. She uses songs that range from fast, intense, and heavy to sweet, playful and nostalgic to sustain the energy throughout the night

Matthew Mičetić (Portland)

Matthew has enjoyed dancing tango and DJing for over a decade in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in and enjoys discovering the perfect new song for his next alt tango set. Keeping dancers on the floor and excited with more upbeat songs are core to his philosophy of alt DJing. Matthew is excited to DJ for the first time at Tree City Tango.

Pablo Inza (Argentina/Europe)

Better known as a dancer and teacher, Pablo Inza plays as a DJ only on special occasions. However, for 9 years he was the resident DJ at the mythical Practica X in Buenos Aires (2004 to 2013). In the last year he has been invited to DJ at events such as Seattle Tango Magic (USA), Bailongo Montreal (Canada), Tallin Tango Festival (Estonia), Austin Tango Festival (USA), Winter Tango Lillehammer (Norway), just to mention a few.


He’s the type of DJ who stays at his desk working, tuning the sound according to the dancers, and creating atmospheres and contrasts. He approaches the mood of an evening as a wave growing until the very end of the evening. Pablo prefers classics, playing the big tango names at his milongas. At the same time, he also dares to surprise the dancers from time to time, playing a couple of tunes to surprise and delight.

Michelle McRuiz


Michelle McRuiz has been a tango DJ for 9 years, a tanguera for 12, and a dancer for pretty much her entire life. Michelle combines her innate musicality, deep love for golden-age tango music, and trustworthy ear to create tanda after tanda that keeps dancers on the floor, happy, glowing, and forgetting what time it is. She DJs regularly at milongas and practicas in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and has been a popular DJ at festivals, marathons, encuentros, and various and sundry milongas in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California, Texas, and England.