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Health & Safety Policy

Release & Liability Waiver

Tree City Tango is an event by Tango Boise Inc., a registered 501c3 and qualified non-profit corporation. Upon registering, participants are required to read, accept, and agree to the Tango Boise, Inc. Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (“Release”) and our Health, Safety, & Conduct, and Photo & Video Policy.

Health Recommendations

IF YOU ARE SICK OR TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID: We offer refunds (less any processing or sevice charge fees from PayPal) up until three days before the event (June 5). Starting on June 6, any cancellations will receive a credit to next year's Tree City Tango.

TESTING: We strongly suggest you take a COVID home antigen (rapid) test or PCR test before coming to TCT, at least once during the weekend, and again after the weekend. If you feel unwell or experience any symptoms during TCT, please stay home and get well!

MASKS:  We will have K-95 masks on hand. Please respect other people's decision to wear masks. We also encourage mask wearing while traveling on airplanes or other public transportation. 

A note about our "DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to institute Health & Safety protocols as needed."  At the time of opening up TCT registration (February 2023) and with the US planning to downgrade the Public Health Emergency for Covid in May 2023 -- there are no COVID requirements to attend TCT in 2023; we only have recommendations (see above). If a new variant comes along and the numbers drastically increase this Spring, most likely our first action would be to require negative rapid (home) COVID test. Any additional requirements would depend on what is happening at that time; basically, we will need to cross that bridge when we come to it. Any changes to our Health & Safety protocols for attending Tree City Tango will be posted on this page and emailed to all attendees via MailChimp with as much advance notice as possible at the time.

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