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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your COVID Safety Policy?

Why the registration cap?

Aside from the more obvious COVID reasons, as organizers, we find ourselves drawn to intimate events. Getting to see and connect with the same people over a long weekend really enhances the atmosphere we want to foster. In addition, limiting registration to 100 means we can use the fantastic Ochos as our main venue for the entire weekend. 

What's Your Refund Policy?
Look, we don't want you to come if you're sick - we don't even want you to be tempted. So, full refunds will be offered up until the day of the event. If you feel sick, just message us for the refund.

If Follower Registration is Closed, When Will it Open Again?
If registration for a specific role is temporarily closed, we'll try to reopen it again as soon as balance is restored. If registration is full, we've unfortunately run out of passes for that type.

Will You Be Offering À La Carte Pricing?
Our festival cap is 100 registrants due to our desire for an intimate setting as well as venue capacity. We find that being surrounded by people committed to the full festival experience really enhances the atmosphere for everyone, so we won't be offering a la carte items Friday - Sunday. However, there might be Thursday a la carte options.

What Food and Beverages Will be Provided?
Check out the Food Page under "Logistics"

I'd Like to Share a Ride or a Hotel with Someone
That's not a question, but I'll answer it anyway. A Facebook group was created to help people coordinate. Check it out HERE.
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